Why Cabin Fever?

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Our Company

Cabin Fever is a progressive prefab manufacturer devoted to creating simple, compact, efficient building solutions for residential and commercial use in local, national and international markets.

Our structures are manufactured off-site in our facility and shipped in sections to the building site where they are reassembled. They ship in a container or truck for delivery directly to the build site.

Our hybrid build methodology is an open-wall, panellized building system utilizing wood studs, or metal light gauge framing.

Our design team is experienced and agile. We can design a solution to suit your particular program or project. From a raised foundation for a remote build, to a quickly assembled building requiring primarily manpower, our team is adaptable to the project.

We serve architects, developers and municipalities in developing repeatable products for customers needs.

Our Process

We are creators, we are innovators, and we love to make things that make sense…from buildings to furniture.

We have several ways of working:

  • Custom Designs & Commercial: We have 80 buildings under our belt. We can provide custom services to meet your project needs.
  • Small space living upgrades: We’re honing in on some of the most innovative solutions for small living. We explored living outside as a way of expanding ones space. For this we offer decks and covered porches. We’ve created compact pre designed bump-outs to minimize square footage while increasing space efficiency. We designed a kitchen, bath, closet / laundry, office and bed bump out as a modular to attach to our existing models.

We have the ability to design and build your dream. We shepherd you through the engineering and permitting process. We fabricate your home and send you or your contractor the instruction manual. We are with you every step of the way.

Andrew Kelly

Andrew is the founder of Cabin Fever. From a young age Andrew was a builder. His dad nurtured his innate talent by teaching him and spending countless hours in the back yard shop. As a child he made a helicopter with parts from the family’s lawn mower. A career was in the making. This self-taught industrial designer is more of an engineer and constructor. His background includes designing metal furniture for mass production for 25 years.

“My design decisions are shaped by first-hand manufacturing experience. When I put an idea out there, I have already considered the materials, the challenges of building it, and the suitability of the solution to the problem at hand. I do my best work operating within the boundaries of manufacturability and price.” – Andrew Kelly, Founder and CEO

During his college years, he spent his time in real estate, fixing up old buildings. That’s where he met his life partner Gayle Z. They quickly recognized the synergies between their natural talents: ideas / solutions, big picture / details, vision / follow through. They are a great compliment to each other.

Andrew and Gayle started a design / manufacturing furniture company Urbanus Inc. in the late 80’s. They designed and manufactured thousands of units yearly. There designs were prolific, and introduced new materials and trends into the marketplace for more that 20 years. In 2006 they transitioned the fabrication to another manufacturer; the Urbanus line continues to be sold today.

With time on his hands, Andrew merged his real estate acumen with his ability to make things, lots of things. He embarked into the emerging Pre fab industry. There he saw a market need and matched his solution finding skill set to found Cabin Fever.

Andrew has an innate ability to figure things out. He's a renaissance man- a craftsman, inventor, innovator, and visionary. During his daily process he created the "Quick foot" (patent pending) because he needed a foundation solution for his small cabins. This foundation system simplifies installation of small structures and decks.