We welcome working from a blank slate to give you exactly what you want. Our custom design fee structure is typically between 15% to 30% more than our standard product (depending on building methods and project scope). The following designs are custom solutions we have created, and ideas clients have brought to us. These designs are ready to built as is, or customised further. Contact us for more information and to discuss your project.

Colorado Dream Tiny Home.

Loft With Left and Right Bump-Outs. This tiny home was featured on the TV show 'Tiny House Nation.' Due to recent demand, we've prepared a package so that you can own a home like this, or something like it. Talk to us about customising your building length or width, and designing bump-outs specifically for your needs.

Custom Plans

Williams Shed Roof


Based on our flagship model, the curved roof Maxwell Cabin, the Maxwell Loft gives us more living space without demanding a larger footprint. Soaring to an impressive 16' tall and featuring our exposed beam ceiling, the Maxwell Loft is a handsome addition to the Maxwell line. With several sizes to choose from, the Max Loft is a backyard cottage a weekend retreat or your primary home. The 16 x 20 Loft above shows an optional rolling slatted door.

Maxwell Loft

The Maxwell Loft is available in 4 standard sizes. We can design larger lofts to meet your specific needs. The layout features an open-plan ground floor incorporating our well-detailed kitchen and bathroom. The “standing height” loft level is located above the kitchen and bathroom and is reached via a ship-style stairway. Its sized to be generous bedroom area.

As with all of our buildings, the Maxwell Loft can be installed on your cement slab or raised foundation.

Base prices for the Maxwell Loft (incorporating our standard finishes):

12'x16’ cabin + 12'x6' loft - $30,390
16'x20’ cabin + 16'x7' loft - $50,170
16'x28’ cabin + 16'x9' loft - $69,470

Contact us about larger sizes.




The Maxwell is our most popular and most flexible design concept. It lends itself to a virtually infinite range of configurations and we are constantly developing new uses, layouts, and modifications. Here are some ideas we have presented to clients in the past. Use them as a place to start your own design scheme, or feel free to contact us with your own perfect layout.

We would be happy to provide pricing on these and other Maxwell designs.

Maxwell / Morris super stretch

This is a Maxwell design on super-stretch. We can make this beautiful liveable retreat for you up to 60' wide and 20' deep.


Coconut Grove Custom Maxwell

This is a Maxwell design conceived for a client in Costa Rica as a Eco Fish Camp. It is designed to sit on tall pilings, allowing for dramatic "in-the-trees" living in coastal areas.


Elegant and spacious - this is modern living at its finest. Perfect for a flexible family vacation compound. An arrangement of multiple living spaces connected by porches and patios allows for effortless integration of indoor and outdoor areas. The variations are limitless.


Adding a breezeway between two Maxwells results in a unique, fun, and functional contemporary space.


Maxwell cabins of any size can easily be placed together in affordable and efficient configurations. These multi-unit installations are attractive, flexible, and functional living solutions that can be tailored to maximize the unique features of your land.


Here we have reconceived two of our 16'x20' Maxwell models as New England guest houses. Inspired by our trips to Newport RI, these Maxwells feature our signature curved roof and open wood beam ceiling, to which we have added a clapboard exterior and mullioned windows to echo the distinctive architectural vernacular of the region.


Garage Cabin



The fabulous MARIPOSA (butterfly en español) is decidedly modern in design.  The interior spaces soar while the glass façade brings in plenty of light.  It is perfect as a guest-house, vacation cottage, or a small home. 




Modern Guesthouse