Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cabin Fever PreFab cabin?

Cabin Fever makes pre-fabricated buildings in our factory. The flat-pack package is shipped to your site where you or your builder assembles it on the prepared foundation. Our Prefab is an “open wall system”. With an open wall prefab, the utilities are installed similar to any other new construction building. The “open wall” also allows you to permit the building as a regular site-built building. Many communities restrict other types of prefab.

What comes standard…and what is optional?

We offer 2 standard models, the Max and the Zip. These cabins come with a compliment of standard features. In addition to the standard features, we offer upgrade packages and options. You can choose from an array of options to make your home individually yours. The upgrades can be found on the “Materials and Options page” accessible through the button at the top of the page. Custom designs and services are also available; contact us to discuss your project.

Exactly what am I buying?

Cabin Fever provides a prefab building package that contains most everything you will need to build your cabin/home. What we provide is individualized cabin by cabin, this information can be found on the “Product Pages” under each product. Click on the “READ MORE” button.

What is the typical purchase process and how long does it take?

  • Specification Phase – (1 week) In the specification phase we ask questions about your site and your particular needs. After some e-mail back-and-forth, we provide you with a proposal that includes a schematic drawing of your unit, specifications and a price.
  • Placing the order – (1 day) To place an order, we require a 15% deposit. Upon receipt of this, we begin drawing your building plans. Our payment schedule is as follows: 15% deposit; 50% due after issuance of a permit; balance is due at completion of fabrication.
  • Construction Drawings – (3 to 4 weeks) We create and deliver a set of construction drawings needed for permitting.
  • The Permitting Process – (2 weeks to 2 months) You or your builder submits the plans and other required documentation at your local building department.
  • Our Shop-Building Phase – (6 to 8 weeks) Once the building permit is in hand, we begin fabricating your cabin in our shop. During this time, your builder can complete the foundation and run utilities to the site.
  • Shipping – (1 week) The cabin is delivered in an enclosed truck. We make all the arrangements. When shipping overseas, our cabins are loaded onto shipping containers. We arrange for port-to-port shipping. The outstanding balance is due prior to shipping.
  • Cabin Assembly- Depending on cabin size and complexity it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to assemble and finish.

These are typical time frames. If you are in a hurry, we can often accommodate your needs.

How much does it cost?

Each building is priced differently. Some of our customers opt for the shell only, which is the basic structure and they build-out the interior. A basic rule-of-thumb for total costs is: The package price plus an additional 40% for site-related expenses.

How long will it take to get my Cabin?

Our build times are 6-8 weeks. However there is additional time needed for your permitting (see our process above)

What are the shipping costs?

We offer surprisingly low shipping rates from our South Florida. Many trucks deliver goods to South Florida and return to their home base empty. We have tapped into these “backhaul” opportunities. Often a shipper is happy to cover fuel costs. The result is a win / win situation for us, for you and the shipper. This is how we offer great rates and prompt courteous service from our independent trucking network. The trucks we use are 18 wheelers, we ship in a trailer - it’s secure and dry. The driver will have your contact information and will coordinate the arrival time with you.

Unloading the Cabin is your responsibility. We have learned that drivers drive – they don’t unload. No equipment is needed but, 2 or 3 strong guys are required to unload the Cabin. You will need a space the size of a 1-car garage to stage the Cabin until the parts are needed for building. We recommend that you protect your unassembled cabin from wet weather.

What about permitting?

Our larger units most often require permitting. We manufacture our products in recognition of the International building code (IBC). Every locality has different codes governing permitting. Our smaller Zip Classic fits in the permit-exempt category in many municipalities due to its small size (120 SF) There are mavericks that prefer to play by their own rules and assemble their cabins without permits. We support all our customers. Permitting requires construction drawings; we provide these as part of our service. (read about our construction drawings below)

Do you provide construction drawings?

We provide a set of construction drawings consisting of site plan, floor plan, sections and elevations. For a fee, these can be sealed and signed by an engineer. If needed, other engineered drawings and supporting documentation can be included at a cost plus 15% arrangement. Foundations are shown with typical details. Non-standard foundations are handled on an individual basis.

What is my first step? Zoning

When working with permitted construction, an early visit or call to your building department is helpful. This visit can help you understand the process. The zoning desk will let you know what size building is allowed on your site, what uses are permitted and the set-backs that we will need to adhere to. If needed, we can send you sketches to show the officials your plans.

I’m a DIYer can I build the Cabin myself?

Several of our customers have done just that. The smaller Zips are most commonly owner-built. Some customers build their Maxwell Cabins as well. Our rule of thumb is: If you have a comfort using carpentry tools and you think you can do it, you should go for it. The Cabin is not difficult; but it’s not a small project either. We have designed the components so that nothing weighs more than can be handled by several strong hands. We provide complete and comprehensive instructions.

What are your payment terms

We require a 15% deposit to begin the drawing and engineering work. Cabin Fever will create and deliver construction drawings required for permitting. After a building permit has been issued, an additional 50% deposit is due. At this point we start manufacturing your cabin. The balance is due upon completion, prior to delivery.

How are the Cabins Built?

Our Cabins are “System Built” structures. This means that the Cabin is built in our workshop under controlled conditions using component systems. Our work is done using computer aided design software. This improves accuracy and speed on the shop floor; it also allows us to individualize your cabin while maintaining our production efficiencies.Our Cabins are “System Built” structures. This means that the Cabin is built in our workshop under controlled conditions using component systems. Our work is done using computer aided design software and machinery. This improves accuracy and speed on the shop floor; it also allows us to individualize your cabin while maintaining our production efficiencies.

Our Cabins are built with pre-assembled wall sections. These are normally 4’ wide and are full height; up to 10’ tall. Most often, they can be handled and installed by 2 men. The trim, insulation and interior paneling are cut and prepared in our shop. These prepared materials allow a quick and precise building process on the building site.

What about my foundation?

The Cabin can be built on a concrete slab, or our raised integrated floor foundation system. Your soil conditions, codes, local customs and site grade will determine the appropriate foundation. The advice of a knowledgeable local builder could be helpful. Most of our Cabins are built on a concrete slab. Our building plans will show the typical specifications of building a slab.

What about a builder?

An important partner in getting your Cabin assembled will be your builder. Your builder may be a skilled carpenter, handyman or small homebuilder. The builders’ basic responsibilities are: permitting, foundation, cabin assembly, interior assembly, flooring and supervision of electrician, plumber, AC / heating, exterior paint, and clean up. We offer builder education and support.

What about Assembly?

Using our Maxwell 16x20 for example: The assembly process generally takes 2 men about 4-6 days depending on foundation requirements and interior arrangement. During the build process, we are available to you and the builder as needed. We provide installation instructions that outline the building process step-by-step, making assembly straightforward for a competent handyman or professional carpenter.

  • Electricity : We have found that it’s best to have the Electric installed by local licensed electrician.
  • Plumbing : Our bathrooms and kitchen packages include all the fixtures needed. We have found that it’s best to have the plumbing installed by local licensed plumber.
  • Heat / Cool : A mini-split reverse cycle AC is recommended for our 16-20. It is not provided in this quote. Because of service and warranty issues, its best to purchase the unit locally.